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La Copine B2B Warranty Policy

Warranty (except Korea)


This policy governs the warranty of La Copine product to the overseas distributors out of Korea.

This policy, however, will not be applicable where separate quality agreement exists or where mutually agreed otherwise.

Warranty Period

            Unless otherwise agreed, the warranty period is 1 year from the date of shipment and   extended warranties

             are provided as for key components as;


Warranty covered

       Buyers are required to prove that the defects or malfunctions of product do not attribute to the abuses, mistakes or intentional breakage and third party inspections may be required when needed.  In the cases when the product proves faulty, La Copine’s warranty will cover components and labor of the reparation.  The transportation, customs clearance, however, will be on buyer’s account unless otherwise stated or agreed.


Pre-warranty:   To proactively cover the possible minor defects, La Copine can provide 1% value of free spare parts on the discretion of historical failures which is going to be shipped together with the ordered goods.


       Critical and Major defects :  Breakage, no power, wrong parts or other critical defects and or major defect attributed to the production mistakes or poor workmanship will be fully covered including of parts, labor and other expenses related for the purpose of reparation if the failure rate goes over 2% of product receipt.  However, the compensation or recovery steps should be mutually agreed between the parties before the necessary actions be taken.


       General Defects:  La Copine is rarely defective.  However La copine will be responsible for the general defects and will cover the parts if the failure rate goes over 10% of goods receipt within the warranty period.  La Copine will provide the relevant components in the shipment of consecutive order.  In case, additional compensation is needed due to the nature of the defect, La Copine can extend the scope of compensation so as to cover the defect.



Service Parts


In order to cover consumables and easily worn-out parts during the normal use of equipment, La Copine provides Service parts at the most competitive prices which can be ordered in separate format.


La Copine ensures each component to be available for at least 3 years from the date of production discontinuation.


Entire parts price List (PPL) is issued only to the distributors for the purpose of corporate secret.

Non-Distributors can order respective parts required through after service division or with the help of respective sales assistants of each region.


The contents herein are subject to change to follow international standard and to improve the quality of customer satisfaction. 

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