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About La Copine

  La Copine is a pure Korean Food Service Equipment brand with a history of over 30 years in manufacturing of food service equipment ranging from refrigeration equipment, Kitchen and cooking equipment to bakery equipment as well.  Starting its business from mini combi oven for Korean Bakery industry in year 1981 La Copine has grown up as a top supplier of entire food service equipment in domestic market.  


  To unify different brands in each business sectors, La Copine has just been introduced as an umbrella brand since 2013 to put its stance in global community where competition is getting stiffer.


  La copine will strive to get into more closely with global customers with its robust, reliable and eco-friendly equipment to meet diverse demands of each region of the world. 

Our Mission
our Aim

 A pleasing dining is the very source of happy Life.


We, at La Copine, are persuing an enjoyable dining which is more than eating.   We wish all the food prepard with our equipment to be higienics, cooked as intended, look nicely as imagined and taste as it has to be.   Consequently, we also wish that our equipment to become an indispensable item for the chefs.

  It is also our aim to contribute and sustain global reservation and we are committed to pace up with enhancing the level of industry standard with unceasing efforts in Research and Developments.

Global Network
Global  Network

Until Mar. 2013, Reeum was a simple OEM manufacturer in Korea who was supplying quality products to global brands because it was easy and simple to keep steady growth without any efforts.   To get closer and know more in order to serve better, we started first step to knock on door of our clients.

We dream of setting up global business network to work any sooner so that we can serve to Global Community and wish that our quality products will be accepted more and more everyday by global clients.

Come and join us to become 47th distributor of La Copine !!

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