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All our Dishwasher equipment are constructed with Full AISI 304 high Quality material to keep it hygienic permanently.

Though Power washing motor and separate rinse motor enables equipment to clean dishes crystal clean even without help of chemical, all our equipment are adapting built-in chemical dispensers as standard.   Powerful peristaltic chemical dosers are so designed as to be heavy duty with 2 years warranty.

The economic version of Pass-through models become a phenomenum in the market and we are continueing to develop cheaper version of front loading dishwashers.    Both economic and standard versions of our dishwashers are all capable of washing 60 racks per hour to be suitable for heavy-duty environment of busy restaurants.

Just plug it in and enjoy the hand-free  crystal clean dishes in your kitchens !!!

Back Bar, Solid
Back Bar, Solid
Back Bar, Glass
back bar glass door
bottle cooler
Bottle Cooler
Beer Dispenser
beer dispenser
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