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From the basic feature fryers to the sophiscated premium ones, we are continuously developing new models to offer more options for our clients.  


Metal Fiber burner adapted in our premium lines assure the fastest frying and quick recovery of the oil temperature to result-in the best taste of fried food.  


Double bend heating tube efficiently reduces the exhaust flue temperature to world lowest.   So constructed with 1.8 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel, the vats keep the oil temperature steady and stable and are strong and hygienic always.    For busy QSR, try these best solutions !

Gas Griddle
Fryers, Auto
Gas Fryers

High Efficiency Metal Fiber burner for quick response and recovery

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Electric Fryers
Electric Fryers
Standard, Elect.
Standard, Elect.
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Standard, Elect.
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Electric Fryers
Standard, Gas
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Standard, Elect.
Oil Filters
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Oil Filters
Holding bin & Timer
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