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ONE for Everyone

Product concept from the very beginning was simple.


        "One Quality Dishwashers for every kitchen!!"


We are succeeding so far because the sales is soaring for last 2 years thanks to our clients's affinity and the competitive price which embraces all needful  features of the market.


We believe that A Quality Dishwasher does not have to be always expensive.


All our washing arms are from stainless steel (AISI 304) to assure durable use and hygiene.  Specially designed nozzles inject water in most effective way to cover every corner of dishes.


We are against against all the good reasons and compromises because we want to eventually secure prime quality.  


All our dishwashers are equipped with unique chemical dosing pumps for both wash and rinse designed by in-house experts and as a standard to stand commercial level heavy duty for over years of use.


Our clients do not need to be hectic to think about additional purchase of dispensers or to worry about unexpected interruption of feeding chemical. 

Simple Operation

Fully Automatic Micro-processor controller is equipped to all our models as a standard.


In consideration of higher exposure to water, our PCB controlers are double sealed.  You can easily set up through big LCD display panel and the machine wil work as you wish.


From Safety to convenient use, our products are oriented to the benefits of our users only.

Energy Saving
yet Powerful

Eco Wash has a very strong powerful heart of 1 HP washing pump and provides power water injection with less energy consumption.  A separate Power rinse pump allows quick and clean rinse. 

All the power motors are protected by light and strong plastic case structure to ensure incomparably safe, durable  and noiseless operation suitable for any work places.  


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