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◦ Condenser cooling method is selective between water and air 
to fit various operating environment.
◦ Heavy duty casters with breaks provide both high mobility and
stable installation.
◦ Mix low indicator alerts operators with error code and sound to keep the
adequate amount of mix in the hopper.
◦ Mix hopper and freezing cylinder have independent cooling system for
faster and efficient freezing
◦ All cooling systems use CFC free refrigerants (R-404A) to meet
the global environmental standards.
◦ Standby feature keeps dairy products in the freezing cylinder and
mix hopper at safe temperature (-1℃~3℃) without constant freezing
to save energy.


    • Dimension               (mm) : 540(W)*650(D)*1490(H)
    • Weight                      (kg)    : 190
    • Cylinder Size           (Liter) : 2.4 * 2
    • Mix Hopper Size      (Liter) : 9.0 * 2
    • Production Capacity (L/hr.) : 56
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