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  • Fan-blow cooling

  • Self-contained condensing unit

  • Digital PCB control system for precise temperature control

  • The counter is illuminated with energy saving LED light.

  • LED color options: Daylight color(standard), Bulb lihgt, Pink light

  • Strong bumper for front side protection

  • Fans are equipped to prevent the condensation of front curved glass.

  • Powder coated heavy-duty metal cabinet has vairous color options; White(standard), Deep green, Gray, Dark gray, Wine color


    • Dimension (mm)  :  2267(W) * 1130(D) * 1280(H)
    • Capacity : 298 liter
    • Power consumption : 1766 W
    • Exterior color opition: White / Deep green, Gray, Dark gray, Wine color
    • LED light color option : Daylight / Bulb light / Pink light
    • Front sliding door optional
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