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• Uninterruptible power supply ensures reservation cooking 
   even during black-out.
• Convenient and easy timer function
• High power direct heating for better taste cooked rice
• Strong and durable stainless steel  caldron lid
• Various safety devices - Double overheating safety device, 
   safe ignition device, auto-extinguishment device, double gas leak 
   prevention device, etc.
• Corrosion resistance special alloy casting burner 
• Self-diagnostics and status display LCD panel
• Continuous cooking function
• Whole body frame is made in one piece for better durability


    • DIMENSION (WxDxH) : 700x700x1300
    • WEIGHT                  : 155kg
    • CAPACITY                : 150 servings
    • GAS CONSUMPTION : LPG 2.23 kg/h
                                           LNG 29,400 kcal/h
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