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Small Giant

Without losing any of  Commercial Path-through Dishwashers,  Power Clean provides powerful cleaning with powerful 1 KW washing pump and Fastest rinsing with power rinse motors.


Not as a defeatured version, Power Clean has all needed features for heavy duty environment.


Power Clean Provides built-in Chemical Dispensers as standard.

The basic model is equipped with both Detergent and rinse-aide dispensers which is durable for over 5 years.

Hygiene and Safety

Power clean is clad with Full AISI 304 stainless steel, which is free from rust to keep it Hygienic.


Double skin structure of Power Clean keeps the body quiet and helps to save energy consumption. 


1.5 ~ 2.0mm thick Stainless steel is hard in forming but is ensures the longer life cycle of products.

Energy Saving
yet Powerful

Powerful washing pump is the heart of Dishwashers.  


Compact and Powerful pump motors of our own technology fully made-in-Korea  provides high energy efficiency and enables washing process fast and reliable result in shiny dish plates always.

Easy Control

Power clean  has LED lamps to show you which process the machine is at.  Water temperature display and Soft touch buttons are so designed for your easy selection and control.  


Power Clean has the biggest door opening for bigger dish plates.


40 mm height adjustable legs and unique 1.5 inch rear casters allows far easier installation and unforeseen pleasure.


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